Beware of Floating Poo Particles

Why you should always close the toilet lid when you flush
Do you close the toilet lid when you flush?
Happy flusher - Milan's Mischief
You don’t?
Young guy shrugging
Then you’re probably covered in microscopic poo particles. Don’t believe me?
I’ll explain why…


Whenever you flush the toilet with the lid open, thousands of bacteria and water particles explode from the loo and disperse into the air.


This is called the
Invisible to the naked eye, this plume contains a cocktail of left over poo particles, bacteria, viruses and water particles straight from your local sewerage system.
As the particles rise, the toilet plume takes approximately 35 seconds to reach you above thigh level, then they like to hang out in the air for around two hours post flush.


While you let that visual sink in, here’s something else to think about…. If you have a dinner party, you’re very likely to be sharing a lot more with your guests that you anticipated…
Floating-poo-particles-in-bathroom cartoon
This then got me thinking, “What would a public loo would look like under a microscope?”


Something like this perhaps?
Public restroom - Milan's Mischief
After the two hour mark, the floating poo particles begin to fall. A typical landing spot usually involves your toothbrush, hairbrush, bath towel, retainer or anything else you have lying exposed in the bathroom.
Have you ever noticed that most toilets have a lid?




So save yourself a dousing and remember to close the toilet lid when you flush.

Did you enjoy this cartoon?

Hey hey! I hope you liked reading my very informative info-toon on the dreaded Toilet Plume and floating poo particles. If you did, or you have any other info on this topic you’d like to share, leave me a comment below.

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