Cartoon Caterpillar!

Learn to draw this obnoxious cartoon caterpillar in this fun step-by-step drawing tutorial.


Cute fuzzy caterpillars! These little guys are fun to draw. You can make them slippery, or hairy, long or short. My fave thing about caterpillars is all of the colors they can be. So today let’s draw a funky, obnoxious little dude with a fuzzy hairdo.

Ready to jump in!?

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @milansmischief  on Insta or TikTok (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

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What comes first? The caterpillar or the butterfly… 

Yeah… that doesn’t really work does it. ‘What comes first; the chicken or the egg’. Or maybe it does work!? Lemme know if you think it works in the comments 🙂

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step One: A wonky sausage

Is it a worm? No!

Is it a slug? No!

Is it really a wonky saucage? Err… yes it is. It is a wonky saucage masquereding as a caterpillar. Seriously though… just draw a stumpy L shape and wiggle it back up to the top.

Highly scientific caterpillar fact 1: Did you know that (drum roll)… caterpillars morphe into butterflies… or moths? Shocker.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Two: A wonky sausage with eyeballs

To get the large eyes on our caterpillar friend here, just draw one big round circle on the right hand side (then erase any lines that you don’t want) and draw a slightly smaller circle on the left hand side so it looks like the caterpillar is facing slightly side-on.

Highly scientific caterpillar fact 2: Ok weird one… but you know how caterpillars look like they have a million little legs? They in fact only have six ‘true legs’. Ikr! So all those other bits help the little dude walk along but are not actually legs. (So what are they called you ask… according to Google, they have ‘prolegs’ plus a couple of ‘anal claspers’!!!!) Ewww.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Three: A wonky sausage with sly eyes

You can play with how you draw your eyes during this step. I went for a sly eyed look but you can draw crazy wide eyes if you want. Just try a few eye shapes and see which you like best. 🙂

Highly scientific caterpillar fact 3: Caterpillars have six pairs of eyes. That’s 12 eyes in total that are basically useless. Yep, they can’t even see images or colors, only changes in light intensity. 

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Four: A wonky sausage with sly eyes and a cheesy grin

We all know how much caterpillars eat, so it makes sense to draw our little dude with a massive cheezy grin. 

I drew the outer lips first then erased the lines that got in the way. Then I draw in the teeth set back a little bit into the mouth to give the drawing a bit of depth.

Highly scientific caterpillar fact 4: I thought this fact about the caterpillar’s teeth (or lack there of) was particularly fitting for Step 4 because we’re drawing teeth… so caterpillars don’t actually have teeth. They have mandibles that act like teeth but chomp side to side instead of up and down like humans. Bizzare right!?

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Five: A wonky saucage with sly eyes, a cheesy grin and fuzzy hair

To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t sure what I was going to draw on my caterpillar, moments before I fuzzed up it’s back. I think I was visualising one of those fury orange caterpillars that we have here in Western Australia. I’m not sure if they’re poisionous, but most things are in Australia so I steer clear when I see one. OMG though, check out this weird Australian caterpillar I just found online!

Highly scientific caterpillar fact 5: That waving motion from back to front that caterpillars use to move along is apparently unique to caterpillars. No other animal (that we know of) uses this method of getting around.

Ice-cream sketch - Milan's Mischief

Step Six: A wonky saucage with sly eyes, a cheesy grin and fuzzy hair AND STRIPES!

The finishing touch to our fuzzy caterpillar is to add in a few stripes. I like how stripes give you an easy way to add more colour, but you could also use polka dots if you wanted to.

Highly scientific caterpillar fact 6: Apparently entomologists (scientists who study insects) say that caterpillars don’t feel pain. Well, not in the way that we do anyway.

Cartoon Caterpillar - Milan's Mischief

Color the little dude in

Huzzah! Our very obnoxious caterpillar is complete! I just wouldn’t want to be that flower right now…. 


Hey, so if you want to learn to draw a butterfly next (cause you know… caterpillars turn into butterflies) I have an EPIC Cartoon Butterfly tutorial here for you.

Nicola x

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