How to Draw a Cartoon Snail

Learn how to draw a snail cartoon in my funky ‘Janice the Hippie Snail’ drawing tutorial!

Cartoon Snail Drawing - Milan's Mischief

Friends! Today we’re heading back to Woodstock to visit Janice, the Hippie Snail. She’s free, easy breezy and a flash back to the sixties. Let’s learn how to draw her in her hippie funky style.

Kids, if you’re reading this and you’re like ‘Um, who is Janice?’ I’m talking about Janice Joplin the singer. One of the most widely known and successful singers of her era. You can read about her and listen to her tunes here on Wikipedia.

Who said learning to draw snail cartoons wasn’t educational! haha. For all my fellow Gen X-Y cuspers, it was suggested that I draw our friend Janis here with a few mushrooms around her, but I steered clear to keep things a little clean… maybe I’ve just ruined that by mentioning mushrooms. Maybe I’ll include mushrooms in the Janice the hippie snail merch attached to this post. 😉

A Few Fun Facts About Snails

Apparently, according to the all powerful internet, snails like to have their shells rubbed….. In fact, they also like to be patted like a cat or dog… but you also need to bain their trust first. Slimy and creepy much? But also kinda cute (sort of).

The snail has a primitive brain, but is still capable of learning… tricks in return for a shell rub perhaps?

Slugs and snails are exactly the same except one has a shell and the other doesn’t.

Probably one of the most successful animals in the world, you can find snails in nearly every habitat on earth – from the deep, deep sea to most climates on land.

Similarly to guinea-pigs, you can’t have just one snail. They are social creatures and like to have their mates around them at all times.

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @nicolamilanart (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

How to Draw a Snail Summary

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Snail Cartoon - Milan's Mischief

Snail Drawing Video Tutorial!

Here’s a little video tute I created for you which runs through how I go about drawing our snail cartoon.

Janice the Hippie Snail Drawing Tutorial – Step by Step.

Like to go a little slower? Janice understands your vibe. Here’s the snail-mail version of the tutorial. (See what I did there?… OMG I’m so funny).

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step One: The Mollusk Arises

Ok dudes, let’s commence! Janice needs a head so, we’ll start with a regular looking circle. Easy as pie!

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Two: Add an ‘L’

Step two is super easy. This is also where you can make your snail look fat or skinny, so we’ll draw the basic outline of the body with a curvy L shape. If you want your snail to look fat, just bulge the body out from the head so its a bit rounder.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Three: Add Alien Antennae

Huzzah! The aliens are coming! Seriously though, if you never wondered about why snails literally look like a being from another multiverse, have a good think about it now. I mean, who makes up these creatures anyway?! Could you just imagine if snails were human size!

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Four: Bring On the Attitude

Step four is where we get to add some personality. I’ve drawn Janice with a rather large smile but you can drawn a frown or a pair of pouty lips or teeth or whatever at this stage. It really transforms your snail. Have a go and show me what you’ve come up with over on insta: @nicolamilanart.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Five: We Draw the Spiral LAST, Not First

Ok, this is where many wanna-be snail drawers go wrong. Most ppl start with the shell, whereas I like to draw it in near the end. Why? Because then it looks more attached to the body and you can change the size and shape to fit the fatness or skinnyness of your snail.

SWEET TIP: Start drawing from the outside in. So attach the top to your body and then go inwards to create the spiral. This is the opposite of what most people do but it works better to look more realistic and you can get the placement just right.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Six: Connect the Lines

This is where our eraser comes in handy. A magnificent tool for obliterating annoying lines, your eraser will work wonders for connecting your snail mouth to its head. Lol.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Seven: It’s In the Details

Ok, can you see our snail drawing coming to life? Ooh yeah. Janice is looking funky! I like to play around with the eyes and create cool looking eyelids at this stage, so sometimes I’ll draw the eyelids half closed to give a chilled out look or I’ll do one wide open and one half shut for a crazy look. 


Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Eight: Add In The Personality

Woop! My fave part of the drawing. This is where we get to add some fun details and bring the features to life. I like to change up the pupils of the eyes to make the character look a bit out of it like Janis is here… or if you draw the pupils further down the eye it can make the snail look a bit sneaky and sly. 

I added the tongue as the last step. I felt like it needed a bit more than just a smile so I drew the tongue first then created the open mouth after and added the teeth last.

Cartoon Snail Drawing - Milan's Mischief

Step Eight: Feel the Love Like Janice!

Give Janice a bit of color. I drew on some hippie flowers and dots on her shell but you can go with anything you like. You don’t even have to draw Janice. You could channel your inner heavy metal muse and make a Guns n Roses snail with skulls and roses and make it all black and red. Ooh super nice!

So that’s it my friend! I hope you liked my how to draw a cartoon snail tutorial. Don’t forget to tag me on insta with your creation and leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this tutorial.

Next, you might like to try drawing my gothic kitty or this quirky vampire frog.

Nicola xx

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Interesting Facts About Snails – Just in Case You’re Feeling Bored.

Snails are one of the most common creatures on the planet, and they are ultra cool. Not just because they’ve been able to survive for over 450 million years (I know right?!), but because they are uber important to the ecosystem. But even though they’re everywhere, most people don’t know much about them. Here are some more funny facts about snails to brighten your day.


Snails are everywhere

Snails are one of the most common creatures on the planet, which is why it’s so hard to get rid of them. Voracious little suckers, they eat up to 10% of their body weight in a day and they live in every continent except for Antarctica.


There are over 8,500 different species of snails

Did you know there are over 8,500 different species of snails including sea snails, land snails, freshwater snails, and more. They come in a plethora of colours, shapes and sizes and some are poisonous. In fact, according to BBC Earth, the most venomous animal IN THE WORLD is a cone snail.


Why snail slime is super useful

Snails have a slime on their bodies, and it’s a natural antibiotic that can heal wounds or ward off predators. They also use it to keep their shells from drying out in the sun. They’ve even started adding snail slime into beauty products because of its hydrating properties. Ew… snail face mask anyone?


How long do snails live for?

A snail is a hermaphrodite, which means it has both male and female reproductive organs. So when two snails mate they can produce eggs or sperm. They usually reproduce by laying eggs, but sometimes they will also give birth to their young. But what most people don’t know about snails is that some species of snails can lay up to 50 eggs at a time!


Slugs and snails don’t have eyes, but they can still see light and dark

If you look at the snail’s eye, you’ll see that it’s just a little patch of cells. The reason snails can see light and dark is because other cells in their body are able to sense light. These other cells are called photoreceptors and they’re located all over the snail’s body. These cells can help them sense changes in the environment. Their actual vision is very poor. Even though they have a lens on their eye, they lack the muscles to focus on anything which is why they use other senses like smell to get around.


Why snails make great pets

Snails make great pets because they are very low maintenance (surprise!). Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs, and turtles, snails don’t require a large amount of space or a plethora of toys. All they need is a small container with some lettuce and a few rocks to live in. Sometimes you need to mist them with water if they’re going through a dry cycle, but other than that, they’re easy to take care of. They do like a good shell stroke though so owning a snail isn’t for everyone. A love of slime is a must. Oh, and your snail will never ‘love’ you. Their brains are too simple for complex emotions so it’s more about just a day-to-day survival for them, however, they DO feel loneliness. So, if you decide to get a snail for a pet, make sure you get a couple.


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