Cute Easy Halloween Drawings

Learn to draw these cute and easy spooky characters to use on Halloween cards, signs and more!

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Start with this easy halloween stuff to draw

Pumpkins with glowing eyes, ghosts, spiders, cute bats and gothic cats all come to mind when you think of Halloween. There are so many fun, spooky things to draw so I’ve created a bunch of cartoons below to give you ideas and I’ve written out the steps on how to copy my drawing and create your own.

You can use these on gift cards, posters, signs and labels or add all the different elements together to make patterns for your own home made wrapping paper!

Ready to get spooky? Let’s go!

Easy Halloween Elements

In our quest to learn how to draw Halloween stuff, we’re going to start with some easy elements that just scream spooky.  As such, candles, tombstones, eyeballs and ghosts come to mind. These are fantastic bits and pieces that add an instant Halloween vibe to any drawing.

You could either make a card just with these or add them to a larger picture.


Cute Ghost Drawing

Let’s begin with a super easy one. This cute little ghost!

To draw yours, just do a big upside down U shape and make the bottom all wavy. Add in some big round eyes and BOO! You have a ghost.

I like to draw in the arms to make my ghost do cute things like hold up this sign. You can make your ghost ride a moped, eat candy, rattle some chains. Anything you want.


Halloween-Candle Drawings

Spooky Candles

I love how glowy these came out. It’s literally just a vector drawing with a circle draw in a soft paint brush with a low opacity behind it (done in Photoshop for those who speak graphics).

In order to recreate these spooky candles, start with a bumpy rectangle for the main bit of the candle then draw the gooey wax at the top. Erase any lines that you need to as you go.

Next draw the flame at the top and then add in any elements like the leaves at the bottom, or this would be a great spot for your new skull drawing to go too!

Scroll down for an example of how I combined candles and skulls to create a super cute, easy Halloween drawing I’m going to use on a gift card.


Gift Card Idea

Tadaaa! This is just a skull with the candles I showed you above and some leaves, mushrooms and a worm added in. (Keep scrolling down for how to draw the skull)

I did the glowy thing in Photoshop again too because I liked it.

If you want to learn how to draw mushrooms, I’ve done a tutorial here.


Cartoon Gravestone

Who dares walk through the cemetery at night on Halloween!?? The resting place of all manner of zombie, vampire and ghoul!

Add a bit of fun darkness to your drawings with this cute cartoon gravestone (or tombstone if you like to call it that).

It’s an upside down U shape with a bit of dirt bundled up at the bottom and a flower stuck out the side. Sooo simple to draw and then just add some cute text like I’ve done here.

Of course you could write something like ‘Here Lies xxx’ or ‘1856-1877 – Here within lies..’ and make it all vintage spooky.



Creepy Eyeball Cartoon

Ew! You know those movies that have a bunch of eyeballs floating in a stew? So gross. There’s really something icky about eyeballs so why not add them to a Halloween card?!

I drew a variety of eyeball cartoons here that you can get some inspiration from. Importantly, the trick is to vary the heights of the eyeballs and make them all a bit different – and not just the look of the eyeball. Notice how mine are all slightly different sizes? Yep, that’s what makes them look like a cohesive drawing.


Creepy Flower

Use gothic or creepy flowers as borders to your drawings or go all out and create a totally epic one as the feature piece.

Click here for a full tutorial on how to draw this EPIC gothic flower.

Carnivorous plants are also a fave of mine to draw. I created one over on my fine art and music website if you want to check it out here. 


Scary Mushrooms

Yeah ok this mushroom isn’t THAT scary. I think it’s actually kinda cute with its little door and chimney… but it DOES still have eyeballs on the roof which makes it suitable for our collection of cute easy halloween drawings.

Here’s the link to how to drawn mushrooms again in case you want to learn to draw your own Halloween mushroom step by step.


Cute Halloween Animals 

If you’re looking for cute easy Halloween drawings, then go no further than a green eyed witches cat, or how about a cute bat with a skull hairbow?

I’ve got a couple of cats and bats for you to use as inspiration down below.


Cute Halloween Bat!

I actually really love how this cute halloween bat turned out. I tried a few versions of bats before settling on this one. I this the eyelashes and cute pink ears is what made me like it the most. Plus the wings are short and stubby which adds to the cuteness.

She looks a lot more realistic than the vampire bats I’ve drawn below. Just have a go at drawing a bunch and see what works best for you. 


Vampire Bat Cartoons

Haha! Do you just love these cute little zoomers. Vamp bats I call them. To draw one, it’s literally just a circle with big ears and wings stuck on and massive evil shaped eyes.

I loved these so much I made them into magnets which you can get here. 


Cute Halloween Cat

This is probably the easiest version of a cat that I know how to draw. You start with a square-ish circle for the head, add a smaller squashed circle for the legs and body below it and draw on a face.

For the legs, it’s just a ‘T’ sign with a curved top of the T…. and then stick a tail on the side.

You can play around with the face and expressions. I did two versions for you here to give you an idea of how easy it is to change things up and make your Halloween Cats look a bit different.

Fab idea – draw a whole card full of these little guys and just change up the colors for each cat. That would make a really good looking card for Halloween.



Halloween Cat Drawing

SHAZAM! With a flick of my magic wand, I’ve turned our kitties above into a Halloween Cat! 

This is the exact same Halloween cat drawing as above but with spooky colors, glowing yellow eyes and a witches hat on it’s head.

Accessories make the outfit, darling.


Cute Gothic Cat Tutorial

This is a lil’ cutie I drew before. I think she’s very ‘Tim Burton’. I’ve done a whole tutorial on how to draw her here.

Cute Skull Drawings

Skulls can either be scary OR super cute. I prefer cute. See below for a couple of versions I’ve drawn and I’ve written down how to do each one. 

Cute Skull Drawing

This is my favorite type of skull. Quirky, a little crazy looking but super cute.

The trick is to make the head a bit square shaped and to draw the eyes close to the bottom and different sizes. That’s what gives it it’s vibe. You can change the teeth a bit without affecting the overall look.

The ‘cross bones’ are also slightly misplaced. This skull is all about being imperfect.

Keep scrolling to see how I use this skull to to make my character below look cute.

Spooky Halloween Dude

Ok, so this spooky dude was a little more complex to draw but I just wanted to show you what you can do with skulls once you’ve drawn them.

You can add them to tshirt designs like I did here, or as borders for gift cards (scroll to the bottom of this post to see an example), or use them instead of flowers for decoration.

I made this dude into a printable card which you can see below.

Cute-Halloween-Skull Drawings

These two skulls are SO easy to draw and look quite creepy if you ask me. To draw them, just start with the round head bit then draw a ‘v’ shape to form the jaw.

Then its a case of just adding in eyes and a nose (whatever size or shape you like) and lines for teeth. DONE. Sooooo easy!

SWEET TIP: if you’re doing lots of skulls, make them slightly wonky or different from eachother for extra character.

Halloween Witch Drawing

Double Double Toil and Trouble… something wicked this way comes.



Cute Halloween Witch

This is a cute, blue haired witch I drew and I’ve done a whole tutorial on how to draw her, step by step.

Click here to do the tutorial now.

PS: Check out her cute little cat! You already know how to draw a cat from the tutorial I showed you above!

Download Stuff I Made For you

Still not feeling inspired? Here are a couple of cards I’ve made which you can download from my shop and give to someone for Halloween.

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