How to Catch the Wedding Bouquet

Five sneaky strategies that will ensure that wedding bouquet is firmy in your grasp when your friend’s wedding rolls around.

The old wives tale says that whoever catches the bouquet will the next one to be married… which is why you often see myriads of young ladies scrambling to get their hands on the coveted bundle of flowers.

Can’t wait to hear those ding dong bells? Get ahead of the others with these five wedding bouquet catching tactics!


This is a move you can practice well in advance. Grab your male buddies and hit the field for some training sessions before the wedding. We recommend the crawl-up-the-back and leap overhead strategy as seen in sports like AFL (Australian Football League). Just be mindful of your heels. You want the bouquet, not a law suit for designer dress destruction. 


If you’re a well bodied lass, this strategy will work wonders for you. Put those thighs to good use and plant yourself in prime position, ready for the steal. Find out where the bride will be doing the toss so you can pick the best spot before hand.


Not for the faint hearted, this third strategy is sure to bring a tear to their eyes. Stock up on beans and any heavy meats they’re serving at the wedding before hand to ensure you’re primed for action.


If speed is your forte, the Snatch and Run might be for you. If your bride isn’t well known for her throwing capabilities there’s a good chance that bouquet will land on the floor… and that’s when you swoop in. Just make sure you choose suitable footwear before hand. That’ll give you an instant edge over the stilletoed footed others.


Our final strategy, and one of our favourites is the ‘Crawl Through’. This is perfect for smaller ladies who can slip in and out undetected. Just wait for the scrum to start and sneak in to grab the bouquet while everyone else is distracted.


Friends! I hope you enjoyed today’s cartoon! If you did, or if you have a sneaky strategy of your own to share, let me know in the comments below. For anyone who has a barren desert for a love life, check out my friend Steph’s blog for all things dating. 

Nicola xx

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