How to Draw a Bear… with Punk Hair!

What’s this!? A cute bear with punk hair?! Let’s learn how to draw this little dude in today’s step by step drawing tutorial.

How to draw a cute bear - Milan's Mischief

Friends! I love bears. Whether they be a cute bear, a grizzly bear, a grumpy bear or a teddy bear, I like them all. Bears have graced the pages of many a story book throughout time and are such a well loved animal.

I mean, who doesn’t love fuzzy cuteness. Even if they’re the extremely dangerous and out in the wild variety, they still look cute, so today we’re going to learn how to draw a cute bear… with punk hair!

If you want your bear drawing to look unique to the picture above, never fear… watch the video tutorial on this page for a bunch of options on how you can make your bear look different, otherwise scroll down for the step-by-step how to draw a bear tutorial.

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @nicolamilanart (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

How to Draw a Bear Summary

Quicky preview of how to draw a cute bear with punk hair! TIP: You can Pin this on Pinterest to keep for future reference.

Cute Bear Drawing

Bear Drawing Video Tutorial!

Get the super fun and fast way to learn how to draw a bear in this video tute. I give you heaps of other fun ideas to try too!

Bear Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial

Learn how to draw a cute bear with this step-by-step art tutorial. Let the punk hairdos begin!


Step One: The squashed circle

Circles form so many of my cartoons and this punk bear is no exception. Let’s start off his head with a squashed circle. The squashiness makes him look fat and cute. You can go for a more rounded circle but it will deplete his cuteness factor.


Step Two: Streamline the Bod

Ok my friends, time to draw in our floor guideline (see the faint line at the bottom) – this let’s us know how far down to draw his body so he doesn’t end up lopsided.

Once that’s done, simply draw two lines down either side. The wider apart, the cuter and fatter he will look. (Check out the video for a funny version of a super skinny bear drawing!)


Step Three: There’s a Bear in There

Ah ha! Now our bear drawing is starting to take shape! To get his feet right, you draw two rounded little stumps that curve just below our guideline. Try to get them the same width on both sides and join them up to seal the deal.


Step Four: Fuzzy Tummy

This is the cool bit where you can do some interesting things to your bear. I’ve gone with a traditional round flash of white on the bear’s tummy, but you can fuzz the line up or make his tum have super fluffy edges.. or not have a fluffy belly at all.


Step Five: The Bear Sees All!

First… the nose.

SWEET TIP: If you draw his nose circle high up on his head like I have here it looks like he’s looking down at you with his head resting back a bit. If you draw the nose circle closer to the bottom of the head it will look like he has his head downwards and is looking up at you instead.

Once you’ve placed your nose, draw in two black dots for the eyes. See the vid for more ideas on eye placement.


Step Six: Add some Deets

Super easy step my friend! Just drawin in the ears right above the eyes and I added some eyebrows and a cute double chin line too.


Step Seven: The Cuteness Level is So High

Let’s draw in a cute bear face. You can make the nose round if you want but I went for a soft upside down triangle for a more authentic look and tapered out the ends of his smile to give it more of a 3D feel.

Check out the video on this page to see what happens when you change the lines of his smile!

PS: Tag me on insta to show me your bear at the end of the tute @nicolamilanart.



Step Eight: Give Us a Hug!

The arm on our left is super easy. Literally just a curved line and then erase the top both where the body meets the head so it looks like the arm is part of the body.

The right arm is a bit more challenging because you need to match the width of the first arm you drew, AND get it to look like he’s holding the flower. To do this, I just scooped my curved line out further and erased the bit of the body where the hand is so it looks like the hand is sitting in front.


Step Eight: Add Some Attitude

Ok, now we’re basically done and in this last step you can add original features to your bear drawing. Check out the mo. Super cool.

To balance out his punk hair do I added a skull pin but you can do a bow-tie or give him a little top hat, sunnies or vampire teeth (hehe – my fave!).

 I’ll do a tute on how to draw skulls soon incase that’s something you need help with. Stay tuned on that….


Step Eight: A Cute Bear with Punk Hair!

Here he is! Our cute bear with punk hair. Our bear here has dyed his hair blue, very popular with the punk crowd around Paddington Station in London apparently…

I hope you enjoyed my cute bear drawing and if you’re keen to draw some more why not try drawing this Cute Gothic Kitty next!

Nicola xx

PS: Leave me a comment below if you liked this post or share your creation with me on insta @nicolamilanart.

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