How To Draw A Butterfly On A Flower

Learn to draw this pretty butterfly on a flower with this step-by-step drawing tutorial.


If you’re learning to draw butterflies, then you’ll want to draw a butterfly sitting on a flower at some stage.. because that’s pretty much all  butterflies do. This also means you need to get used to drawing them side-on. 

Using a side profile can look cool if you have multiple butterflies in your art because it mixes things up and gives your drawing more dimension. So, today I’ll show you how to draw a butterfly on a flower step by step with some helpful tips about getting the patterns on the wings just right. 

PS: If you want to learn to draw a cartoon butterfly, I have a whole tutorial on that here.

Nicola xx

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Quicky Drawing Summary

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How-to-Draw-a-Butterfly-on-a-Flower-Milans Mischief

How to Draw a Butterfly on a Flower Step by Step…

Get ready to draw this pretty little insect… and learn some fun facts about butterflies along the way. 🙂

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step One: A Rough Sketch

When I’m drawing something a little more complicated, I like to start with a rough sketch. I’ll often hit up Pinterest or the internet to look for reference pictures of real-life butterflies sitting around on flowers, and when I have a few pics I like, I’ll combine them into my own sketch.

Fun Butterfly Fact 1: Did you know that butterflies can taste with their feet? I guess it makes sense… if you’re a butterfly.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Two: Start With the Body

In this tutorial, we’re going for a more realistic looking butterfly, rather than a cute simple one, so we want to get the body looking just right.

I’ve made sure the head and sections of the body are divided. This helps it look more realistic and less cartoon from the start.

Fun Butterfly Fact 2: Butterflies (and moths) belong to the insect group ‘Lepidoptera’. Um… let’s just stick to calling them butterflies eh.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

.Step Three: Add Antennae and Legs

Super easy step my friend. Chuck in a couple of little antennae and some legs. Technically all insects have 6 legs and my butterfly here has four… but meh. Artistic license 😉

Fun Butterfly Fact 3: Butterflies are indeed a gift if you see them. They spend the majority of their lives as caterpillars and only about 15-29 days as an actual butterfly. (Most hover around the 15 day mark). Kinda like spending all day getting ready for prom, only to have to leave prom after a mere hour of swanning around looking fabulous. Total rip off.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Four: Craft the Wing Shapes

This is a fun bit where you get to decide what shape your wings are going to be. You can go traditional, or add cool end points like the Sylphina Angel butterfly has. Way cool.

Fun Butterfly Fact 4: Some butterflies have wings like look like dead leaves as a way to camouflage themselves from predators. 

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Five: Sketch Out the Wing Patterns

Because we were going more realistic for our ‘how to draw a butterfly on a flower’ drawing today, I decided to rough sketch out the wing patterns as well. 

I wanted them to look even on both wings so I drew in blocks to represent the direction and style of pattern I would draw. I just find this really helps to make the drawing look balanced.

Fun Butterfly Fact 5: Butterflies live on a liquid-only diet. I mean… we all get that supermodels have to cut down on their bulk but the butterfly takes this to the extreme. They literally can’t chew solids. Ah the price of beauty.

Ice-cream sketch - Milan's Mischief

Step Six: Add In the Patterns

Now you have your rough pattern sketch, it’s time to fill it out with the actual wing patterns. Try to make it easy enough to replicate on both wings.

If in doubt, add to both wings at the same time and work from nearest to the the body out.

Fun Butterfly Fact 6: Butterflies can see WAY more colors that we humans can. We have 3 cones in our eyes that show color whereas butterflies can have up to NINE! That means they see ultraviolet colors we can’t detect. Super cool. (I wonder if dragonflies are the same..? I’ll have to find out.)

Cartoon ice cream drawing by Milan's Mischief

Step Seven: Let’s Draw the Flower

The reason I started with the centre of the flower is because that’s what the butterfly is standing on, so it just made it easier to work outwards from there.

I’ve gone for an easy daisy looking flower. If you want to draw something really spooky and cool, I’ve got a gothic flower drawing tutorial here for you.

Fun Butterfly Fact 7: Butterflies are crucial to our ecosystem because they pollinate some plants that bees don’t touch. Cotton is a great example of this.

Cartoon ice cream drawing by Milan's Mischief

Step Eight: Petals please

When you’re creating your flower of genius, you don’t have to draw the petals flowing down like I have. I just decided this looked good for this particular drawing. Most petals would probably sit up a bit (they’re just more difficult to draw from the side that way so I cheated a bit! hahahahaha)

Fun Butterfly Fact 8: The chemicals the government sprays on crops and weeds (we’re talking you glyphosate) is toxic to butterflies (as well as pretty much everything else, including humans). 


Cartoon ice cream drawing by Milan's Mischief

Step Nine: Nice stems!

This is where I veered away from my rough sketch, instead drawing my flower stem in a different direction. It just worked better with the whole drawing.

Fun Butterfly Fact 9: Ok, I admit I really like butterflies… but I DO NOT like caterpillars. Mostly because they eat my veggies and plants and look ugly. It’s kind of like anything in life really… you have to go through the difficult phase to enjoy the glory waiting on the other end. The lessons we can learn from the humble caterpillar… I mean butterfly… I mean…

Ice Cream Cone Drawing - Milan's Mischief

My Fave Bit; Adding Color.

Have fun adding all the colors in your pencil case to your gorgeous looking butterfly my friend! My fave color is purple so I went for a purple/blue with splashes of pink motif.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial! Why not have a go at drawing a cartoon pig next!

MWAH! Nic xxx

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