How to Draw A Cartoon Elephant

Learn to draw this cute cartoon elephant in 8 steps!


If you’ve ever visited Africa, India or… the zoo, you’ll know how unique and fascinating elephants are. They truly are gentle giants with cute features like their unique looking trunk and big floppy ears. Although at first it might seem like elephants are difficult to draw, they’re actually pretty simple, especially when you’re going for a cartoon style.

The trick to drawing cartoon elephants is to make them look cuter than real-life elephants. In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cartoon elephant from scratch, as well as some tips on how to make them even cuter if you want to give your drawings that “loveable” factor.

So with that said, let’s jump into the tutorial!

Nicola xx

Ps: Don't forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I'd love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @milansmischief (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

Elephant Drawing Summary

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Cartoon Elephant Drawing Tutorial

Elephants look difficult to draw but they are actually really easy! I’ll show you how.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step One: It’s A Rainbow!

Friends, you know I like to start off with super simple shapes for all my cartoons and this little elephant cutie is no exception. Step one is all about getting the great expanse of the elephant’s body drawn in one simple line.

Yep, so draw what looks like a bit of a squashed rainbow to get started 🙂

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Two: What Happened to the Rainbow?!

Ahha! And now my friends, we evicerate the rainbow by adding the trunk to one side and two little feet to the other.

It’s easiest to start off with the right foot, because you just have to draw a straight line from the bottom of the rainbow inwards a bit.

Once you have that, draw the second foot and then just link it up with the trunk.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Three: Join the Feet

BOOM. All we do in this step is draw one line to join up the feet and create the elephant’s stomach.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Four: Onto the Eyes!

So now you can see the basic shape of our cute cartoon elephant drawing. It’s time to start adding some flavour. 

As usual, I like to start with the eyes. You can experiment with the size and shape of the eyes (scroll down to see a few funny versions I drew for you).

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Five: Add A Smile

This is going to be a cute, friendly elephant today so I’m going for a simple smile. It’s just one line drawn up from where you’d guess the mouth would be and give it a little tag at the end to form the cheek.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Intermission! Sneaky Punk Elephant Version

Huzzah!!! Massive elephant experiment ahead! Hahaha! All I did here was change up the eyes, mouth and add some punk hair. You don’t have to change anything else and you can go from cute to evil in two seconds flat!

drawing of a vampire elephant

Intermission #2 – Vampire Elephant Version!

Ok… I may have gotten a little carried away with my vampire elephant here. Hahaha! He seriously looks like Count Trunkular to me (omg I’m soooo funny).


Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Six: Back to the Cute Elephant

Ok, Ok, back to our standard viewing peeps. Let’s continue with the cutsie pie elephant again. For Step Six, draw in an ear.

SWEET TIP: African elephants have larger ears than indian elephants, so depending on which one you’re going for, reflect this in the size of your drawing’s ears.

Cute Puffer Fish - Milan's Mischief

Step Seven: Add A Tail

One of the cutest things about elephants is their teeny tiny little tail. It’s like you have this massive animal with a totally out of proportion tail. Kind of like T-Rex dinosaurs with their stunted little arms. Bahahaha..!

Cute elephant drawing by Nicola Milan

Step Eight: Finishing Touches

To finish off my cartoon elephant drawing I added a few strands of hair, a few lines on the trunk and a little expression line under it’s eye. 

You can go to TOWN on the hair or draw a big bow or hat, or draw eyelashes… add a tutu… the choices are endless so just experiment and have fun.


The Littlest Elephant Ever

Tadaa! Naw what a sweetie! I was in a kids-cartoon book illustration type of mood when I colored in our elephant and it came out a bit whimsy looking. 

Anyhoo – I hope you enjoyed today’s elephant drawing tutorial. As always, don’t forget to tage me on Insta @milansmischief so I can see your epic creations and let me know if you had fun in the comments below.

Next why not check out How to Draw A Cute Bear with Punk Hair!

Nicola xx

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