How to Draw a Siamese Cat

Get ready to draw a cartoon Siamese Cat with attitude my friends!

How to draw a Siamese Cat Drawing Tutorial

Siamese Cats are known for being super affectionate and pretty clever family companions, however as much loved as these furry friends may be, they haven’t always been portrayed as such in popular culture.

Remembered as the villainous duo in in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, Siamese Cats have typically been drawn as sneaky, skinny cats when it comes to the cartoon world. Today shall be NO EXCEPTION!

Staying true to their cartoon roots, today we shall discover how to draw a Siamese Cat with ATTITUDE! 

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @milansmischief  on social (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

How to Draw a Siamese Cat

Friends! Let’s dig into this step by step drawing tutorial. I drew the first cat on the left and copied it again for the tutorial on the right. I made a few alterations along the way to give you some cool ideas.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

1. Start With the Body

Is it a UFO? Is it the start of an eye? NO! It’s a Siamese Cat head! hahaha. 


Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

2. Draw the Ears

Since we’re making our Siamese skinny, we’ll draw uber pointy ears to give it a fierce look. Simply draw a couple of sharp triangles sticking out of the top of the head for ears.

CAT FACT: I only found out by researching for this blog that Siamese Cats are all born white!

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

3. Add a Skinny Neck and Body

If you look carefully, the neck and body of this cat kinda looks like a slanty broom (without the bristles). You don’t have to draw your neck as slanty as mine is, but I thought it gave our Siamese Cat here a bit more of a sneaky look.

CAT FACT: Because Siamese Cats are so intelligent, they can also be escape artists! Make sure your kitty has companionship or lots to do during the day if you’re out to avoid coming home to an empty house!

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

4. Draw in the Tail

Ooh! Check out my super funky tail on the new cat on the right. hehe. LOVING IT! See what else you can come up with when you’re drawing your cat tail.

CAT FACT: Apparently… and this is according to the internet so it must be true, but the dark patches on a Siamese are temperature controlled! It’s a gene that causes darker fur on colder parts and lighter fur on warmer parts. Super strange (but also cool).

simple-butterfly-drawing-Milan's Mischief

5. Add in a Face!

One of my favourite parts of drawing cartoons is adding in the face. I’ve mixed things up a bit with the second cat and drawn one eye noticeably smaller than the other. Let’s see how it looks at the end… keep scrolling!

simple-butterfly-drawing-Milan's Mischief

6. Enter the Personality!

Yes! Adding some quirky eyelids and wonky whiskers definitely did the trick. Our second cat looks like the weirdo cousin side-kick. haha.

What do you think? Do you like the cat on the left or the right best? Let me know in the comments below!

Drawing of a Siamese Cat Cartoon

7. Color In!

Not sure if you can tell, but I’ve created this Siamese Cat drawing using pixels instead of vector (on my tablet). It gives it a scrappier more hand-drawn kind of look. 

I used an oil pastel digital pen to color in my cat and add the traditional Siamese markings of dark fur on the tips of the ears, tail and around the face. I do believe that Siamese cats usually have blue eyes… but there’s gotta be room for artistic license right!

CAT FACT: According to, the Siamese Cat breed can be dated back to 1351 to 1767 AD in the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

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