How To Draw A Snowman

Mr Frosty the Snowman never looked so cute! Draw him with this step by step tutorial.


It’s Christmas time and that means its time to draw cute Christmas cards to give out to your friends and fam! If you’re into the traditional Christmas thing, then you really can’t go past a good ol’ Snowman drawing.

BUT! Who is to say we can’t add a bit of our own styling to Mr Frosty? Why does he always have to be in a snuggly hat and scarf? Check out the tutorial below and I’ll give you some tips on drawing both the little dude above as well as adding some alternative outfit choices to our snowman.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @milansmischief (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

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How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (1)

Step One

We’ll start off our snowman by drawing two awkward blobs on top of each other. The thing I love about blobs is that, like all my art; it never has to be perfect. I mean have you actually tried creating a perfect ball of snow? I don’t know about you but I’ve never had that level of commitment to my snowman building….

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (2)

Step Two

What’s that Nic? An alien life form wrapped around Mr Snowy’s head? Nope, my friends that is the outline to our scarf. We’re just going to slap it in place and we can erase the inner lines in the next step. 🙂

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (3)

Step Three

Ahhhh.. Doesn’t that feel better? Alien life form gone, scarf nicely in place. See how I made one of the the end bits go over the top, and the second one go underneath? That’s roughly how a scarf would sit if you wore one in real life. Drawing like this gives you a bit more of a 3D feel to things.

SWEET TIP: Now is the time to get stylin’. Instead of a scarf you could add a bow tie! Try it out and see which one you like best.

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (4)

Step Four

If you’ve done any of my other drawing tutorials you’ll know that half of my stuff ends up being wonky, so drawing a guide for the ground is pretty important to me. 

That’s why Step Four is drawing the snow our little dude is sitting on. It helps me decide which way my character is facing and include some dynamics in his pose (dynamics = sense of movement).

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (5)

Step Five

Add a hat! Because our snowman has a head shaped like a squashed orange, you can just dump the hat on top. If his head was rounder then you’d need to made the hat cut off the top of his head and erase any inner lines like we did with the scarf.

SWEET TIP: Instead of a pom pom you could add a star, or give him a top hat to wear… or a baseball cap… ooh! Make him all French and shove a beret on his head! #sovogue.

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How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (6)

Step Six

OK, time to add a little personality. You can several choices here. I went for the cute smily snowman vibe, but you could just as easily add vampire teeth, or make him look well peeved for being left outside in the snow for days. now I’ve written this, I’m beginning to wish I drew vampire fangs on him. Ahhhh…. next time.

PS: If you draw him with fangs please tag me on insta so I can see! @milansmischief

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (7)

Step Seven

Up until now, our snowman has been looking like a armless blob in the snow. Let’s help the little guy out and give him some arms and a few buttons (so he at least looks like he’s not pulling a nudie out in the front yard)…

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (8)

Step Eight

Add your own flourishes. This is where you can really bring your snowman to life. I’ve given you basics of drawing him but this part is up to your imagination. 

All I did to mine was I made the scarf blobby and his hat rim all fuzzy. I also extended the corners of his mouth to make him look a tad more chipper. That’s it

… and now to color!

How to draw a Snowman Nicola Milan Art (9)

So cute right now

Snowball fight anyone? Our snowman is done, looking cute and standing guard out the front of the house.

Hope you enjoyed! Mwah! You might also like these cute printable Christmas Gift Tags.

Nicola xx

PS: Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial in the comments below.

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