Mosquito Drawing Tutorial

Mosquitos are annoying little pests… but we still want to learn to draw them! Here’s an easy mosquito drawing tute for you.


Mozzie or Mosquito?

Here in Australia we call Mosquitos ‘Mozzies’. Yep, its our Aussie way of abbreviating everything (see what I just did there). wink You’ll often hear something like ‘crack out the aeroguard to keep the mozzies away’ at a late night barbeque (‘barbie’). hehe.

Anyhoo, Australian-isms aside, today I have a super fun and easy mosquito drawing tutorial for you. I made today’s little mozzie a bit paranoid looking. Too much blood perhaps? Who knows.. you’ll have to ask the mozzie. 

Oh by the way, if you want to know why mosquitos even exist, click here to read my EPIC cartoon about it.

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @milansmischief (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

How to Draw a Mosquito Summary

Oh and I’ve given you two options for the legs to keep it fun!


Easy Mosquito Drawing, Step-by-Step

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step One: OMG it’s staring at me!

The sun has dipped below the horizon and as you stand outside in the growing dark, things start to… ITCH! 

Yep, the mosquitos are here! 

I mean really… why do they have to be so annoying, am I right!? Ok, enough complaining let’s start off this little blood sucker with the eyes. Like dis!

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Two: Is That A Beak?

Mosquitos don’t have mouths, or beaks, or noses… they have a proboscis. A blade of six tiny syringes they dig into you to suck up your blood with like a straw. (Ew).

So no, I haven’t drawn a beak here… I’ve drawn a proboscis! I made it a little wonky for character.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Three: I Can See Clearly Now…

All we’re doing here is drawing the head so it connects everything up. You can experiment by making your head larger or smaller… or add some fuzz for fun.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Four: A Bit Skinny

I decided that our mosquito here hasn’t yet had it’s dinner and so it’s belly is nice and flat. The body kind of looks like a strange eye if you flip it on its side… or maybe that’s just me.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Five: Fly Mosquito. Fly!

Did you know that mosquitos are terrible fliers? Yep, they are so bad that if you have a fan in your bedroom and turn that on towards you they won’t be able to fly in and bite you.

For my wings, I kept it pretty simple and draw two on the back and added a few strokes for the ‘veins’. A couple of little pen lines creates the sense of movement.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Six: Legs Option 1

A mosquito is an insect and that means they have how many legs??? (Waits and drums fingers…)

SIX! Yep, you got … right? You did get that didn’t you? (Don’t lie…) Insect = 6 legs. Spider = 8 legs. Aliens = anything goes.

Anyhoo… I digress. I just drew the six legs super simple as shown and I thought it worked with the character. I’ve given you another option to shake it up a little in the next step, but I went with this option for my final mosquito drawing.

Frog Drawing -Milan's Mischief

Step Seven: Legs Option 2

If you want your mozzie to be holding something or waving like our little dude is here, then take the first two legs and turn them into arms and be sure to add the remaining four legs behind it.


Cute-Turtle-drawing - Milan's Mischief

Step Eight: Add Extras!

Huzzah!!! My mosquito is done! I added funky hair and a bit of a swirl in it’s eye to make it look a bit crazy. hehe. You can also play around with the eyelids. I love making mine all sleepy looking by drawing them lower on the eye.

Mosquito Drawing - Milan's Mischief

Step Eight: A Mosquito! Quick, Squash It!!!

The bane of many human’s existence, the itchy little fiend that steals your blood when you’re not looking. Why do mosquitos even have to be in existence???? WHHHHY!

Well… since you asked… I have done a cartoon blog on this exact topic. Click here to read!

PS: Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this easy mosquito drawing tutorial and don’t forget to share your creations with me on insta! @milansmischief

Next, learn to how to draw a cactus! So many spikey options to be had.

Nicola xx

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