Got Mother In Law Problems?

Discover hilarious and devious strategies on dealing with your mother-in-law once and for all!

We all know the deal; your delicious hubby has unfortunately come with some baggage… his mother. Sure, we’d love to all be happy families but for most, that’s a fairytale. The reality is that when you clash with your husband’s mother, any sort of family gathering can quickly become an unwelcome struggle at best, and nightmarish experience at worst.

So, is there anything you can do? Especially if you’ve got a hubby who says he ‘doesn’t want to be in the middle’…? There sure is! My friend, I have you covered. You see, I was engaged once upon a time and my engagement fell spectacularly apart because of mother-in-law problems. Part of my healing process was writing my book ‘Monster-In-Law: A Survival Guide’ alongside my very talented mum. We spent hours in cafes giggling together as we drafted out the stories. It was very cathartic.

Read on for some hilarious ways you can deal with your MIL along with a sneak preview inside the book.


Monster-in-Law: A Survival Guide

The hilarious tongue-in-cheek guide to managing your Mother-in-law.

Find out which type of MIL you have and how to manage her behaviour.


Discover sneaky, under-handed ways to get back at your mother-in-law


Hours worth of laugh-out-loud short stories, tips and tricks and illustrations


Survival strategies, interactive games and full colour cartoons!


Help is here!

Meet the ‘7 Deadly MILs’ – the most conniving, manipulative and downright difficult women you could ever hope to meet. These MILs are wreaking havoc in the daily lives of their DILs (daughters-in-law), yet there is hope because if DILs can understand what makes their MIL tick, then they can learn how to create positive family relationships.


Fun, easy to read and packed full of fast facts, funny short stories and hilarious cartoons you’ll soon be chuckling over the humorous, yet amazingly accurate stories about YOUR type of MIL and learning how to manage her behaviour.

Sneak Peek Inside the Book!

Discover our ‘7 Deadly MILs’. Which one is your mother in law?

Needy mother in law

Chapter 1 – The Needy Mother-in-law

This MIL will dominate your life 24/7 if you let her. She craves attention from you and your husband and the only thing she likes better than having you both around at her place is taking up residence at yours.

If she doesn’t get attention, she will use emotional blackmail to make you feel guilty for ‘neglecting’ or ‘abandoning’ her.

Once she has you at her beck and command she will use you as her cook, cleaner, gardener, house maintainer, financial adviser and bill payer, social organiser, confidante, captive ear or errand runner.

She will be totally oblivious about, or will just ignore the impact of her behaviour on your life.

The Needy MIL is:

  • Dependent
  • Hypochondriac
  • Appears Incompetent
  • Self Centred
Horrible Mother in law

Chapter 2 – The Enemy Mother-in-law

The Enemy MIL hates you and isn’t afraid to tell you so to your face. She will also try to turn other family members against you and that will include your husband and children too.

She will be abusive, critical and will pounce on every small mistake that you make and milk it for all its worth.

She will lie about you and spread nasty false rumours and will not feel guilty or apologetic when found out.

She enjoys making you feel uncomfortable and will ensure that you do not feel welcome in her family.

The Enemy MIL is:

  • Disapproving

  • Mean spirited

  • Fault finding and finger pointing

  • A malicious gossip

Horrible mother in law

Chapter 3 – The Cling-On Mother-in-law

The Cling-On MIL still sees her son as a little boy and refuses to accept that he is now an adult with a life of his own.

She continues to play the ‘nurturing mother’ role to her ‘child’ and wants to cook, nurse, advise, buy clothes for and make decisions for her son.

To this MIL you are an intruder who is getting in the way of her relationship with her son and she will continually tell him that he would be better off without you.

She will attempt to ignore or ‘side-line’ you at every opportunity.

The Cling-On MIL:

  • Can’t accept her son is an adult

  • Refuses to accept 2nd place in her son’s life

  • Regards you as an intruder

  • Sees herself as her son’s ‘primary carer’

Toxic mother in law

Chapter 4 – The Superwoman Mother-in-law

This MIL is a high achiever and everything she touches turns to gold. She sails effortlessly through life winning awards and praise from every person and institution she has ever been associated with.

Her family and friends admire and adore her and know that she can be relied upon for high quality help and advice.

She takes all her accomplishments in her stride and assumes that she will never know failure.

She is so high up on her pedestal that even mountaineering skills won’t help you scale her heights. To make it worse, she is always so nice to you!

The Superwoman MIL is:

  • An verachiever

  • Successful in both career & family

  • An all round success story

  • A royal pain in the arse

Nosey mother in law

Chapter 5 – The Busy Body Mother-in-law

This MIL is the fly on the wall of your life and seems to know everything that is going on before you do.

She is an intrusive presence in your life and, try as you may, you cannot shut her out or hide any of your daily goings on or embarrassing little secrets from her prying eyes.

She is a mine of information about everyone’s lives and an insatiable gossip about yours.

Any confidences told her appear as headlines in tomorrow’s newspaper. She will use her insider information to manipulate yours and everyone else’s lives.

The Busy Body MIL is:

  • Interfering

  • Snoop

  • Ever present

  • Relentless gossip

Mother in law problems - Milan's Mischief

Chapter 6 – The Grandma Wanna-Be Mother-in-law

This MIL’s one aim in life is to be a Grandmother and she views you as her incubator.

She will ignore totally your career goals, desires or fertility issues and pester you relentlessly until your successfully perform your primary function and produce the desired baby.

Once the child has arrived, she will attempt to take over and dominate the child rearing process.

The Grandma Wanna-Be MIL is:

  • Impatient – wants to be a grandmother… NOW

  • Insensitive to your fertility issues

  • Baby Obsessed

  • Interfering & possessive as a grandparent

Narcissist mother in law

Chapter 7 – The Narcissist Mother-in-law

This MIL is all about HER. She is totally obsessed with herself and the image she presents to others.

But BEWARE this MIL is a chameleon and what you see is definitely not what you get.

She will attempt to suck you into her world and drain you of every drop of self-esteem, and confidence until you can do nothing without her approval.

Should you defy her prepared to weather a storm of cyclonic proportions whilst she brings you to heel.

The Narcissist MIL is:

  • Utterly self-oriented and self-absorbed

  • Projects an unrealistic image of herself

  • Lacks empathy

  • Will not compromise

Which type of Mother-in-law do YOU have?

Find out in our book ‘Monster-in-law: A Survival Guide’!

About the Authors

Nicola Milan and Judy Davies

What you are about to read hinges on a true story… in 2009 I was engaged and happily on my way to wedding bliss when out of nowhere, my relationship was spontaneously blown to pieces.


I wrote this book as a way of healing from the traumatic breakdown of my engagement to my fiancee which I felt was due (in no small part) to my mother-in-law (to be). 

You will find sprinklings of my true story concealed within these pages along with a heap of completely made up stories… BUT… Judy (my co-author and mum extraordinaire) and I based pretty much all of the content on extensive research we conducted from the internet and also by talking one-on-one with women dealing with a difficult MIL.

So when you are reading about some of the hideous tricks our MIL’s in this book get up to… just remember that these things really can happen!

I hope you have as much fun reading this book as Judy and I had writing and illustrating it.

Nicola & Judy xx

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