Mushroom Drawing Tutorial!

Such funkiness! Such colors! Mushrooms are truly the best. Learn to draw your own today.


Mushrooms! (or ‘Schrooms’ as I like to call them… it’s an Australian thing….) are literally the coolest organism. Not only do they come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes but some varieties have near-magic super healing powers for humans. (True – look it up and get into the mushroom healing goodness).

Plus… the traditional garden mushroom variety tastes DELICIOUS fried up with a bit of butter. Yum! 

So today we’re heading down the cartoon mushroom drawing path and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the funky mushroom vibes. You can see in my preview pic above I added a sassy little snail for extra vibe. You’ll be happy to know that mushrooms are super easy to draw, ridiculously easy in fact… I drew mine in 5 steps. 

Ready to have a go? Let’s draw!

Nicola xx

Ps: Don’t forget all artwork on this site is original art created by me. I’d love you to recreate it and share your stuff on social, just remember to tag me @nicolamilanart (and no commercial resale allowed. Thanks!)

Trippy Mushroom Drawing Summary

Woah! Super trippy mushroom drawing alert! Loving the stripes and funkiness of our shcroomy friends. (Do we think the snail has had enough?) 😉

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

How to Draw a Mushroom Video Tutorial

I’ve drawn a super cool Gothic Mushroom House as well which you can learn how to draw in this video tutorial!

Easy Mushroom Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial

Get the low down on how I draw in this easy to follow, cartoon mushroom drawing tutorial.

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

Step One

Start off by drawing a wonky peanut. You can even just draw a regular peanut too. In fact any kind of blobbish shape will work for our mushroom so just go for it.

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

Step Two

Guideline time! This step is all about deciding whether our mushroom is going to have a broad-rimmed hat like I’ve drawn here, or a snappy skinny hat, which can also look great. I like to draw a couple of faint squashed circles so I generally know what shape I’m going for.

ARTY TIP: This is also where you decide on the direction your mushroom is sitting. Draw the hat tipping either side, or centred and straight on. I always like to have the veins under the mushroom showing because I think it looks better that way, but you can draw your hat without them if you want.

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

Step Three

Next take redraw over those guide lines and wiggle them as you go. Mushrooms can be a little floppy so having a wiggly looking hat gives it realistic character. 

I did the exact same steps for the second  mushroom I drew behind. I just made it a bit skinnier and gave it a smaller hat.

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

Step Four

Draw in the veins. See how they make the mushroom look good? You just fan them out evenly spaced from the stalk. So easy!

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

Step Five

This is the fun step! Draw whatever patterns you like on your mushroom. I love drawing jagged looking triangles on the stalks and polka dots to contrast on the top because it means I can add in heaps of different colors. You can try a bunch of different patterns and see what works for you!

Cartoon mushroom Drawing - Milan's Mischief (6)

Ta Daa!

Color in your mushroom drawing and give it some flair! I added a snail peeking over the top for fun. You can add grass around the bottom like I’ve done, or put some flowers in the background to give the pic a bit of depth. Anything goes my friend. Have fun!


I hope you enjoyed this cartoon mushroom drawing tutorial. If you did, let me know in the comments below.

Nicola xx

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