Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Printable Christmas Tags: The Best Collection of Printable Tags to Make Your Season Brighter.

All illustrated by me, nothing stock standard here!


You know what takes your gifting to the next level? Gift tags that’s what! Nothing says ‘look at the effort I put in’ more than a super cute tag hanging off your beautifully wrapped pressie.

But just like wrapping paper, deciding on a gift tag can be like deciding on lipsticks at Sephora. So much choice, so many possibilities but only one pair of lips to adorn. Sigh.

So my friend, to help you out, I’ve created a bunch of unique and original Christmas tags that you won’t find anywhere else on the great wide internet. No stock printables here. All the designs are hand crafted by me in the Christmas workshop I lease next door to Santa. (Rudolph says hi btw).

These are all downloadable, print at home tags so choose your weapon, instantly download, print on your home computer and cut out. I’ve laid them out in a way that makes cutting out a breeze (I mean, who can be bothered really…) If you use a slicer you can just slide on through the lines. Bada Bing Bada Boom!

Happy gift wrapping friends!

Nicola xx

Oh and if there’s a new design you’d love to see, just let me know in the comments and I may add it. I add new Christmas tags all the time.


Spooky Christmas Tree Gift Tags


If you follow me online, you’ll know that I love a good bit of creepy cute. Spooky Christmas tree gift tags? Yes please!

These are perfect for the friend who can’t get over Halloween or if you like to express your love for quirky things through your present wrapping.

Go for black wrapping paper with a bit of sheen and a purple or black bow OR go all out with a Tim Burton style black and white striped paper. So cool!


Punk Cats Christmas Tags


Tell me… are you feeling lucky… Punk?! These punk cat Chrissy tags sure are. Full of attitude and oozing coolness, these are your go-to if you’re wrapping for a serious cat lover.. or a rebellious teenager who is yet to appreciate your gift wrapping genius.


Gothic Kitty Christmas Gift Tags


Keeping our cat theme going… how cute are these gothic kitty gift tags? These print out easily on any printer because they are black and white. No colour ink needed!

Chic and cute, you can wrap your pressie in black or use any solid colour to really make the tag POP. 



Cute Bird Christmas Gift Tags


I drew these little guys last year but never put them up anywhere. So having finally done that, I’ve created three little Christmas cuties and popped them on peach, lilac and mint backgrounds.

These little birds are chock full of personality and go with all sorts of brightly coloured or pastel wrapping paper. Look at this pretty pastel paper I found.


Pretty Black and White Floral Gift Tags


Darling, you’re posh with a dash of romance. You’re Jane Austin with a snippet of Jane Eyre. You’re pretty pastels combined with chic monochrome.

Let your equisite taste be known throughout the lands and hang these black and white floral tags from your beautifully wrapped presents. 

They shall write odes to your chicness.

Want a different type of Christmas Tag? Let me know in the comments and I just might draw it for you! Next try out this tutorial on how to draw a cute snowman.

Nicola xx

Supplies you’ll need

All you need to make these printable gift tags work is:

A home computer (I have included black and white tag options if you don’t have coloured ink. You can also take these to a library or local printer to do if you prefer.

Scissors or a paper slicer. Either work fine.

A hole punch to punch out the hole to tie your string to. (Or just use a pen to poke through for a scruffy grungy look!)

Some string or twine to attach these to your present.

How to print

Time for you to get your wrapping on! The gift tags on this page come in a standard A4 sized PDF or a high resolution JPEG (which can be printed on any paper size). Simply download the sheet, print, cut around the outlines, and tie onto your favorite package.

Voila! Beautiful gift tagged pressies.


What are Christmas tags for?

Unless you’re planning a Secret Santa or you don’t mind who opens your gifts under the tree, a Christmas tag is an aesthetically pleasing way to let all the hungry eyes staring at your beautifully wrapped present to keep their grubby hands off! This present is only for whoever’s name is written on the tag.

Tags also give you the opportunity to write a little extra something to your friends and family… you could even save on having to buy a card if you do your gift tag properly (score!) But despite all of that, Christmas Tags are really just that last finishing flourish that makes your present stand out.

What to write on a Christmas tag

Apart from To and From… you can use your gift tags to add that extra finishing flourish to your gift wrapping. Get a bit creative with these quirky suggestions:

Write a little poem or rhyme taking about the present, or the person you’re giving it to. They’ll love it! Especially if it goes with the design of tag you’ve chosen.

Give thanks for their friendship or support that year. Gratitude is a wonderful way of making others feel appreciated and that positive energy gives back ten fold.

Song lyrics are a super cool way to express yourself or add a bit of personality to your gift… just go for something cute and upbeat and steer away from the blues. lol

Crack a joke and write in your tag. You know the person you’re giving to and how far to push it. It just might make their day!

Start a treasure hunt if you’re planning on giving more gifts. This is a brilliant one to use on kid’s presents and make they hunt for the next gift instead of just putting it around the tree. Develop their Sherlock minds!

Christian wishes always go down a treat with your more religious friends. They are well aware that Christmas is a Christian holiday and will appreciate the gesture.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of printable Christmas tags that I drew for you. If any do take your fancy, please tag me on Insta @milansmischief with any pics you take of them on your presents. 

Don’t forget to let me know if there’s a tag you’d love me to draw. I’m adding to this tag list all the time so you never know … your suggestion may just become a larger than live reality!

Nicola xx

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase.

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