Have A Toxic Mother In Law?

Here are 10 sneaky ways to annoy her… and get away with it! They may not solve your problem, but they’ll sure make you feel better 😉

1. It was the baby…

Use your baby as an excuse to always run 20 minutes late when you have to meet her for coffee. She can’t be angry at you… it’s the baby!


2. Use the facilities wisely

Flush your sanitary items down the toilet at her place so they clog up the pipes. How’s she gonna know it was you?

3. Frilly knickers

Add your frilly knickers to the load when your mother in law offers to do your hubby’s laundry while you’re away on a business trip. She’ll love that.


4. A helping hand

Offer to wash the dishes after a family meal and put them back in all the wrong places.

5. A bit of light reading

Read our book ‘Monster-in-Law: A Survival Guide’ in front of her.


6. Get gifty

Buy her a ghastly ornament for Christmas and insist she have it on display every time you go around there for dinner.

7. So concerned…

Insult her looks while appearing to be concerned, in front of your hubby. ‘I’m worried about you. You look soooo tired and haggard’….


8. Preparing for the next stage

Subscribe her phone to an overseas telemarketing service for retirement homes and watch in glee as her phone runs hot!

9. What’s in a name…

Call your rather ugly dog a similar version of her name then complain to her about how annoying the dog is.

‘Hi Hannah, meet our new dog Hannibal’….

Then while at Hannah’s house:

‘Han was such a pain in the arse today, totally incontinent. You’d think she’d be toilet trained by now’

‘Hanni, you stick so badly!’

‘Han, why are you so ugly? Maybe we should buy you some makeup.’


10. It’s in the rules

Teach your kids to constantly question her rules whenever she is babysitting.

I hope you enjoyed this cheeky post with some light hearted relief on dealing with your mother-in-law problems. This also works on daughter’s in law by the way (if you’re a MIL who is reading this post in horror). Take it with a pinch of salt. It’s all a bit of fun at the end of the day.

If you want more fun reading about dealing with your mother-in-law problems, check out my book ‘Monster-in-Law: A Survival Guide’. 

Nicola xx

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