Hi Friend! Welcome to my website. I’m Nicola, an illustrator and musician from sunny Perth, Western Australia.

Here you’ll find lots of drawing tutorials, cartoons and fun things like coloring pages.

My art style is cartoon and I love to draw obnoxious characters with loud personalities and attitude problems. If that’s your cup of tea, then dig in and let’s draw together.

Please feel free to copy my drawings for practice and share your version on social media. Tag me on insta so I can see your stuff! @milansmischief

Please also be aware that even though its fine to copy the drawings for practice, no commercial resale is allowed so please don’t download my pics and try to sell them (yep, some dodgey ppl do that!) or palm your copies off as original work. We’re all artists here so let’s take care of eachother.

Have fun with my site and if you have a fab idea for a tutorial you’d love me to do, just email me at nicola(at)nicolamilan.com.

Nicola xx


Note for Parents

My site is not made specifically for kids. I keep the language for all of the drawing tutorials clean so that content is suitable for children but please bear in mind that I draw gothic creatures, vampires and blog about in-laws and other topics that aren’t really kid-friendly.

I’d say the site is suitable for 13 years and up or if your little ones are doing the drawing tutorials here on the site, just keep them out of the ‘very arty blog section’.

Other Things I Do

 I also draw art deco and gothic/steampunk fine art. Check it out here.

I’m a jazz singer/songwriter. Listen to my music here.

I teach jazz and blues singing. Visit my tutorials website here. 

Dragon-Stickers - Nicola Milan Art

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